Slightly Funnier Than Placebo

11 Oct, 2011

This episode aired on Sunday October 9, 2011. You can listen to this episode in its entirety on or download the free podcast on our iTunes page!

In one of the most entertaining episodes of Radio Rounds to date, hosts Lakshman Swamy and Yojan Patel speak with the one of a kind “ZDoggMD.”

Featured Guest: ZDoggMD, an internist/hospitalist who practices in Silicon Valley, California. In addition, ZDoggMD’s hobby is medical satire — performed for entertainment and education and exploring a variety of healthcare issues.

ZDoggMD combines his talents of music and satire with his love for education in many forms of entertainment — raps, skits, and other creative forms of media. In this episode, he shares with the Radio Rounds crew the origins of these interests, and he discusses his approach to keeping his material fresh and appropriate.

By taking a light-hearted yet appropriate approach to many of the sensitive issues in medicine, ZDoggMD is revolutionizing public medical education. Tune in for a fascinating 30 minutes of insightful comedy… and a unique Radio Rounds theme song created by ZDoggMD himself.

To find more of ZDoggMD’s material, visit his website:

Remember, as always, the free-to-download podcast of this episode (and all past episodes) can be found on our iTunes page! And you can listen to this episode in its entirety on !

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