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15 Dec, 2011

This episode aired on Sunday December 11, 2011. You can listen to this episode in its entirety on or download the free podcast on our iTunes page!

Summary: In this episode, host John Corker sits down with current first-year medical student and Radio Rounds staff member, Sam Roberto, as well as second-year medical student and students admissions committee member, Nick Hountras, to discuss the secrets to success in medical school admissions interviews.

Applying to medical school can be an intimidating task, but with the help of our staff in this episode you can “get a leg up” on the competition.  Nick Hountras shares some of the things he looks for when interviewing candidates for admission to medical school and also shares potential application “red flags.”

Sam Roberto details some of the unique questions he was asked in his interviews last fall and offers insight into his methods for interview preparation.  He also shares how he handled the questions that he had not considered prior to the interview.

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