Advocacy in Medicine

18 Jan, 2010

You can hear a clip from this episode on our BEST OF SEASON ONE file, available as a free podcast download on iTunes.

This episode was the Season One Finale and featured an action-packed conclusion to the flagship season of Radio Rounds. Our featured guest was Dr. Alvin Jackson (left), the Director of the Ohio Department of Health. Dr Jackson offered his thoughts and insight on a variety of topics — health policy concerns, health disparities, his personal work caring for migrant workers, and his recent meeting in Washington with President Barack Obama.

We were also joined by a lineup of leaders from various student organizations at the Boonshoft School of Medicine. Representing the American Medical Association (AMA) were Tony Hesketh MSIII and George Salloum MSII, and representing the American Medical Students Association (AMSA) were Shanthi Ramesh MSII and Dr. Aaron Patterson. Dr. Patterson, who graduated earlier this month, also discussed his work and the importance of advocacy with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA).

We also had some fun during the show by inviting one of our professors, Dr. B. Laurel Elder, to sing a song that she recently composed for the BSOM Class of 2012 — the “Microbiology Top 50.” You can listen to this entertaining clip as a separate file available on our iTunes page!

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