Zombie MD

02 Nov, 2014

This week on Radio Rounds we bring you a Halloween special: Our October 2011 episode with Dr. Stephen Schlozman, the world’s foremost authority on Zombie neurobiology.  Dr. Schlozman is a clinical psychologist, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, and an expert on the inner workings of the living dead.  Dr. Schlozman’s first novel, The Zombie Autopsies, hit shelves nationwide in March 2011.

Dr. Schlozman shares with Radio Rounds how his interest in zombies began when he was very young and how his subsequent medical education stirred his interest in answering some of the physiological questions concerning the behavior and psychology of the living dead.  The physical condition of the cinematic creatures resembles a myriad of diseases affecting the central nervous system, and Dr. Schlozman gives us insight into the methods he might use to treat their symptoms.  He even admits to using the zombie as a construct for exploring neurobiology with his students.

Check out the full episode on WYSO.org!

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