You’re a Logical Doc

22 Jan, 2010

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This episode features an interview with Dr. Dan Miller, a urologist in Dayton, Ohio (now… think about the episode title) and Clinical Professor for the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. Dr. Miller speaks with the ‘Rounds’ hosts about the high level of professional and personal satisfaction that he gains in the field of urology — a specialty that has become highly sought after by medical students for its lifestyle. Dr. Miller also discusses a unique aspect of urology — that, despite being a surgical specialty, it remains one that has a great amount of patient contact and one that can allow a physician to help patients in a short amount of time. As Dr. Miller says, he’s a “fix-it guy.” We also enjoy a discussion about Dr. Miller’s other interests — which ranged from running marathons to dressing up as a mummy on Halloween!

During this episode, we also recap our recent weekend in Chicago, where the Radio Rounds crew attended the American Medical Students Association (AMSA) Regional Conference. Hosts Avash Kalra, Lakshman Swamy, and Shamie Das interviewed Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky for a live-audience show at the conference.

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