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13 Nov, 2011

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Featured Guest: Dr. William Hanson, Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and a pioneer in the field of medical technology. Author of “The Edge of Medicine,” Dr. Hanson shares real stories about the exciting ways in which technology is changing — if not revolutionizing — the practice of medicine.

Dr. Hanson offers his insight on the future of medicine — when our understanding of disease now may seem archaic.  In addition, he discusses the struggle of the medical profession to use current technology to, for instance, transfer information about patients between hospitals and offices.

Dr. Hanson also shares some interesting new technology that may give physicians the ability to diagnose disease simply by smell!  His experiences with medical technology advancements allow him to share with the Radio Rounds crew some ethical concerns that may arise through these dramatic changes in medicine and the way physicians treat disease and health.

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