Med School Rx

10 Jan, 2010

This episode, which aired on January 10, 2010, is now available as a free download on our iTunes page!

This episode features Dr. Walter Hartwig, Professor and Department Chair of Anatomy at Touro University in California. He is the author of the recently released book entitled Med School Rx: Getting In, Getting Through, and Getting On with Doctoring.

Dr. Hartwig eloquently discusses his views regarding the meaning of being a physician, and he provides advice for both pre-medical students and medical students to get the most out of their journeys through the medical profession. Among the topics discussed: Dr. Hartwig’s views on the difference between motivation and inspiration, his advice for pre-medical students applying to medical schools, and his thoughts regarding the continued dedication that doctors should naturally have– to be “in [the patient’s] moment” and “to be able to rise in the morning to be as excted about something that you’ve already mastered, as if it were the first time you’re seeking to master it.”

This episode also features the debut of the weekly Residency segment, featured throughout Season 3 of Radio Rounds, during which we hear from a residency program director from somewhere around the country. This episode features Dr. Michael Leitman, Director of the General Surgery Residency Program at New York City’s Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Leitman discusses how he compares medical students who are applying to his residency program, and he also shares his thoughts regarding residency interviews.

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