An Apple a Day

30 Jan, 2011

This episode — the Season 5 Premiere — aired on January 30, 2011. and is now available as a free download on our iTunes page! You can also listen to the entire episode here on our site!

We kick off the new year by addressing a topic that is central to many new year’s resolutions: eating healthier. At the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California, veteran OB/GYN physician Dr. Preston Maring decided to create an organic farmers’ market right outside the doors to his hospital.

In this episode, we speak to Dr. Maring about his motivations behind the project, as well as his views on pursuing a healthier lifestyle through better eating options. Also joining us on the program is Dr. Maring’s son, Ben, who is a 4th year medical student at New York University. Moreover, Ben is a culinary school graduate and has worked to incorporate his two interests while a medical student. He founded a program called CHEF — Cook Healthy, Eat Fresh —  which teaches future physicians about nutrition in the context of common diseases, such as diabetes.

Learn more about Dr. Maring and his son in this recent New York Times article

Again, remember that, as always, the free-to-download podcast of this episode (and all past episodes) can be found on our iTunes page!

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