American Medicine, Global Healing

23 Oct, 2011

This episode aired on Sunday October 23, 2011. You can listen to this episode in its entirety on or download the free podcast on our iTunes page!

Featured Guest: This episode  features Dr. Meg Sullivan, an American pediatrician serving as Timmy Global Health‘s Medical Director in Guatemala. Dr. Sullivan shares stories of her inspiring work practicing medicine in Central America, and in addition, she highlights a number of exciting ways in which medical students can get involved in her work. Also featured on this program is Matt MacGregor, Executive Director of Timmy Global Health.

Timmy Global Health and its partners around the world continue to successfully combine empathy and compassion with follow-up care and better health outcomes for the developing parts of the world.  John Corker interviews our guests about the roles the organization and its partners play in providing access to health care in these areas.

Matt McGregor discusses the mission and goals of Timmy Global Health and some of the logistical issues that the organization aims to solve with medical teams and medical supplies.

Dr. Sullivan describes the evolution of her interest in global health and shares some of the challenges she faces as an American-trained physician practicing in Guatemala with limited resources.  She discusses the importance of “people skills” in the field of medicine, particularly considering the cultural differences between American and foreign medicine. Dr. Sullivan also informs us of ways that undergraduate, graduate and medical students can get involved at the Pop Wuj clinic.

To learn more about Dr. Sullivan and the Pop-Wuj clinic visit

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